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Michaela is tutoring my son for GCSE maths. My son praises her way of teaching and says she delivers in the way that he can understand.
– Diane S

Michaela has been a much needed guide to my daughter who has struggled for years with maths. My daughter is now starting to feel confident for the first time about her future exam. This has been an absolute godsend to me and I would highly recommend Michaela.
– Sarah S

First class tutor, knows her stuff and for us more importantly can teach it extremely well.
– Paul H

I have found Micheala to be really friendly and put my son at ease immediately. She explains things in a way he understands. Excellent teacher.
– Sarah P

Michaela was very dedicated and had a good understanding of psychology. Whenever I did not understand a piece of the course, she would break down information. Also, she was willing to get worksheets in order to help and develop my learning within the course. She would get these worksheets prior to the lesson and therefore, during the hour and half I spent with Michaela, the lesson was structured and planned. By Michaela giving me extra worksheets, it developed my knowledge of psychology even further as I was carrying out extra reading.
Whenever I wrote an essay, which was going to prepare me for my exams, she would always mark the work and give useful feedback, which would improve my work and therefore write a better essay. She was very approachable and supported me whenever I needed any help. I would only have to text and she would text back as quick as she could and give the support and help I needed.
In my opinion she went the extra mile, which built up my confidence. I would fully recommend her!
– Alice


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